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We've got a secret to share with you about Polybutylene replacement Volusia County. It's not all doom and gloom like those Hollywood movies make it out to be. In fact, replacing your polybutylene pipes can be a total game-changer for your home. We're talking about saying goodbye to leaks, water damage, and low water pressure for good.

But here's the thing - not all plumbers are created equal when it comes to polybutylene replacement. You need a true expert who knows their stuff inside and out. Someone who can make the process as smooth as butter and leave you with pipes that'll last a lifetime.

Ready to upgrade your home's plumbing and finally relax? Let's look at why replacing polybutylene pipes in Volusia County is a smart choice.

Signs Your Polybutylene Pipes Need Replacing in Volusia County

In Volusia County? Got polybutylene pipes? You’ll want to know when it's time for a pipe replacement. Missing these hints can cause major water issues and hefty repair bills later on.

Discolored Water, Low Water Pressure, Frequent Leaks and Water Damage

One of the most common signs of failing polybutylene plumbing is discolored water coming from your taps. If you notice a rusty or yellowish tint to your water, it could be due to deteriorating pipes.

Low water pressure is another indicator that your pipes are in trouble. As pinhole leaks develop, the water flow becomes restricted, resulting in a noticeable drop in pressure. These leaks can occur below the foundation of your home and present as a slab leak

Frequent leaks and water damage are also telltale signs that your polybutylene pipes are failing. If you find yourself constantly dealing with leaks or water stains on your walls and ceilings, it's time to consider a polybutylene replacement in Volusia County.

Cost of Replacing Polybutylene Pipes in Volusia County

We know that the cost of a polybutylene piping replacement is a major concern. The good news is that there are affordable repipe options available in Volusia County.

When you work with a reputable repiping company, they can provide you with an affordable repipe process that fits your budget. Experienced repipe specialists have streamlined their methods to minimize costs without sacrificing quality.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Polybutylene Pipes in Volusia County

Many homeowners in Volusia County are surprised to learn that their insurance may not cover damage caused by polybutylene piping. In fact, some insurance companies are refusing to insure homes with this type of plumbing altogether.

Take a close look at your homeowners insurance policy to check if it covers any water damage caused by polybutylene pipes. If it's not covered, think about replacing those pipes now to save yourself from potential headaches and costly repairs down the road.

Why You Should Replace Polybutylene Pipes Even Without Leaks

Your polybutylene pipes might not be leaking now, but swapping them out can save you trouble down the line. Think of it as taking early action for your home's well-being. Polybutylene spells disaster waiting to happen and it's not a matter of if, but when.

Preventative Maintenance, Protecting Your Home's Value, Peace of Mind

Swapping out your pipes before they break down can save you from the headache and cost of pinhole leaks and water damage. Taking this step early not only shields your home but also keeps its value high, making it more attractive to potential buyers who might shy away from properties with old plumbing.

Switching out those old polybutylene pipes now can save you a lot of trouble down the road. It's like giving your home in Volusia County an extra layer of protection against leaks and water damage.

Benefits of Whole House Repiping with PEX in Volusia County

When it comes to replacing polybutylene pipes, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is the material of choice for many repipe specialists. There are several benefits to choosing PEX for your whole house repipe in Volusia County.

Durability, Improved Water Quality, Increased Home Value, Efficient Installation

PEX pipes are a great choice for your home's plumbing because they last long and don't rust. Unlike copper piping, PEX is flexible, making the polybutylene pipe replacement process quicker and less disruptive.

PEX piping not only keeps your water cleaner by avoiding chemical leaching and mineral buildup but also adds value to your home when you decide on a full repipe. Potential buyers will definitely find this appealing.

Repipe companies in Volusia County often choose PEX because it's cheaper and easier to install, making the repipe process more budget-friendly for homeowners.

Why Choose Repipe Experts for Your Polybutylene Replacement in Volusia County

Replacing polybutylene pipes in Volusia County? You'll want a highly specialized repipe company for the job. At Repipe Experts, we've got the know-how and experience to make sure your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Experience, Trusted Reputation, Lifetime Warranty, Financing Options

Our team of licensed professionals brings years of experience to the table. We've earned a trusted reputation for our top-notch results and back our work with a lifetime guarantee, so you can relax knowing your home is in good hands.

The repipe process can feel like a big financial step, so we partner with third-party companies to offer financing plans financing plans to ease the burden. We're committed to making this journey smoother and more budget-friendly for you.

A lot of satisfied clients highly recommend us for our attention to detail and efficiency. With thousands of successful repipe projects under our belt, we're known for regularly surpassing expectations.

If you're considering a polybutylene replacement in Volusia County, choose Repipe Experts for a seamless and stress-free experience.


Polybutylene replacement Volusia County isn't just a fancy term - it's a necessity for any homeowner with these outdated pipes. We've seen firsthand the devastating effects of leaks and water damage caused by polybutylene.

But the good news? Replacing your pipes with a modern, durable material like PEX can give you the reliability and peace of mind you deserve. No more worrying about hidden leaks or skyrocketing water bills.

Picking the right crew for your polybutylene replacement in Volusia County means you're investing wisely in your home's future. It keeps your property value up and makes sure you have clean, safe water for years to come.

Don't wait for a plumbing disaster to take action. Fixing your pipes now can give you peace of mind and ensure they're durable for years to come. Your future self will be grateful. Don't delay, Repipe today.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a repipe increase the value of my home?

Yes! Many home buyers are making sure that the home was repiped prior to buying so they know there is longevity and not a concern of slab leaks.

Learn more: Benefits of a Whole House Repipe with PEX

Do you fix slab leaks in Volusia County?

Yes! We service ALL of Volusia County. Here are some links to some of the major cities we service:

Daytona Beach





New Smyrna Beach

Ormond Beach

Port Orange

Don't see your location in this list? No worries, we probably service it too. Give us a call at 1-888-973-7473 or go to our Contact Us page and submit a form.

Does Repipe Experts Service Volusia County?

We serve ALL of Volusia County! Here are some of the most popular cities in Brevard that we serve:

Daytona Beach





Holly Hill

New Smyrna Beach

Orange City

Ormond Beach

Port Orange

South Daytona

Don't see your location in this list? No worries, we probably service it too. Give us a call at 1-888-973-7473 or go to our Contact Us page and submit a form.

How long does the inspection take?

This is up to the local governing municipality and is not controlled by Repipe Experts. We are at the mercy of the county schedule.

How long is the warranty?

The manufacturer warranty is 25 years on the pipe and the fittings. The workmanship warranty is for as long as you own your home.

How long will the repipe take?

The Repipe is typically 1-2 days. After the Repipe, the City Inspector is requested to inspect the work. After the inspector passes the work, we can patch the walls should you choose to have us complete the drywall.

I have an active leak, can you install right away?

The city allows us to perform the Repipe to prevent any further damage as long as the permit application has been submitted. We will not be able to patch the walls however until the inspection is completed.

Is a Whole House Repipe worth it?

YES!, repiping a house is worth it. It can help improve the quality of your home’s plumbing system and increase its longevity. Repiping can also improve water pressure and flow issues, prevent leaks and flooding, and eliminate costly repairs in the future. Additionally, repiping may add value to your home if you are looking to sell or rent it out in the future. Overall, investing in repiping now will save you money and headaches down the road.

How much does it cost to repipe with PEX?

The cost of repiping with PEX will depend on the size and complexity of the job. Generally, it can range from a per “drop” price or a lump sum. A “drop” is a hot or cold line that feeds a fixture such as a sink or toilet. However, additional costs may be incurred if there are any complications such as accessing difficult areas, wall patching or replacing existing plumbing fixtures. Additionally, labor costs should also be taken into consideration when calculating the total cost of a repipe project. All in all, it is best to consult a qualified and licensed professional who can provide an accurate estimate based on your specific needs and requirements.

Is your company licensed?

Yes, in fact you can check the state DBPR website to ensure that your contractor is always licensed and insured.

Is PEX-A better than PEX-B?

PEX-A is connected using an expansion joint while PEX-B is connected using a crimp fitting.

Learn more: PEX and PEX Repiping

Will my homeowners insurance cover the cost of the repipe?

Typically no. The insurance company will likely cover damages that occurred due to the faulty pipes in your home but will not cover the cost of the Repipe.

Why was Poly B Piping outlawed?

Polybutylene pipe wasn't technically outlawed, but manufacturers stopped producing it after numerous lawsuits related to pipe failures and subsequent property damages.

Why should I work with Repipe Experts?

Working with the professionals at Repipe Experts, they offer several advantages over DIY solutions or hiring unlicensed contractors. Guaranteed workmanship and quality results are among the most important benefits of working with Repipe Experts. Our professional technicians have the experience and expertise to ensure that all projects are completed correctly, safely, and in accordance with industry standards. Additionally, we use only high-quality PEX materials and equipment to guarantee superior results that will last for years to come.

Why is PEX replacing my Polybutylene?

Research suggests that polybutylene pipes are too fragile to withstand common disinfectants found in the public water supply and will quickly become brittle and crack from the inside out. Over time, once enough mini fractures have formed in the pipe, it will wear out completely, rupture, causing a leak or flooding of a home. This is why no insurance carriers will no longer cover a home with Polybutylene piping. Homes can no longer be sold in many areas without removing the polybutylene and repiping the homes water supply making it a requirement to repipe a home.

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When was Poly B Piping discontinued?

Polybutylene plumbing was widely used from the 1970s until the mid-1990s when it fell out of favor due to concerns about its durability and reliability and was ultimately banned in 1995.

What kind of PEX Pipe does Repipe Experts use?

With Repipe Experts, you can rest assured that your whole house repipe will be done using high quality PEX pipe that is Made in the USA. PEX-A is secured by cold expansion before connection. In comparison, PEX B requires compression fittings. Both options are backed by a solid warranty!

What is the life expectancy of polybutylene pipes?

The typical lifespan of polybutylene pipes is between 20-25 years, but this can be affected by environmental factors like high chlorine or other contaminants. Homeowners should inspect their plumbing regularly to identify any potential signs of corrosion or deterioration caused by harsh water conditions, such as high chlorine levels or other contaminants. If these problems occur, then it may be time to consider repiping with a different material.

Learn more about polybutylene: Polybutylene Replacement - The Homeowners Essential Guide

What is the best replacement for polybutylene pipes?

The best replacement for polybutylene pipes is PEX piping. PEX has been used as a reliable plumbing material and its durability, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion make it an ideal choice for repiping projects. It also withstands temperature fluctuations compared to other materials such as PVC so it's great for hot water lines. In conclusion, PEX’s lack of toxic substances renders it an ideal choice for use in drinking water systems with no fear of contamination from metal or other contaminants present in corroded piping.

Learn more about polybutylene: Polybutylene Replacement - The Homeowners Essential Guide

What is the average price to Repipe a home?

The average cost of repiping a house can vary greatly depending on the size and layout of the home, as well as the type of piping used. Generally speaking, it can range anywhere from $4,995 to $15,000 or more. The most common materials used for repiping are copper and PEX tubing. Copper is typically more expensive than PEX tubing and can take longer to install and is also much more intrusive. Other factors that may affect the cost include increasing labor costs and any additional plumbing fixtures that need to be replaced or installed during the process.

What is PEX?

Homeowners seeking to replace their plumbing system should look no further than PEX piping. This resilient material is crafted from cross-linked polyethylene and can withstand corrosion, rusting, freezing temperatures – all of which make it a more reliable choice for repiping compared to copper, galvanized pipes, CPVC and Polybutylene. With its long lifespan and unrivaled durability, homeowners will rest easy knowing that PEX has them covered!

Learn more: PEX and PEX Repipe

What brand(s) of PEX Piping does Repipe Experts use?

Repipe Experts use PEX-A and PEX-B pipe manufactured in the USA. Our PEX pipe is manufactured using a quality management system which has been certified to the latest version of ISO 9001.

What are the issues with Poly B Piping?

Polybutylene, otherwise known as Poly B, can deteriorate over time due to exposure to chlorine in water, leading to leaks and potentially significant water damage.

Should polybutylene pipes be replaced?

Yes, polybutylene pipes should be replaced. Due to their age, polybutylene pipes can become prone to cracking and leaking, which can create expensive repairs or water damage in the home. Repipe Experts offer a reliable solution that is cost-effective and ensures long-term safety for homeowners. With their experience and expertise, they provide an efficient replacement process that eliminates any potential risks associated with old plumbing systems.

Learn more about polybutylene: Polybutylene Replacement - The Homeowners Essential Guide

My insurance gave me 30 days, can you install in that timeframe?

Yes! We can typically install in 1-2 weeks!

Is there a cost for the repipe permit?

The cost of the permit and inspection is covered in the cost of your Repipe.

How big are the holes made during the repipe?

Typically there are 12 inch by 12 inch holes made in drywall surfaces to gain access. Typically one hole per fixture. Many plumbing companies make excessive holes for their convenience and don’t do the wall repair. Repipe Experts will replace the drywall and texture to make it paint ready for you.